Tenement Repairs

Tenement Roofing Repairs

Keeping your roof in the best possible condition will ensure if last for as long as possible, keeping you dry and warm in your home or business.

It is essential that damage to your roof is repaired as soon as possible and to the highest quality which is why you need a company like us! DMG provides a comprehensive range of roofing service throughout Scotland.

The most common roof repairs we deal with:

  • Leaks – water sipping in as a result of damage, lost tiles, poor joint seams on flat roofs etc. are common problems that we can solve. These repairs do not take long and are relatively inexpensive – providing you call us sooner rather than later. Small roofing problems can quickly escalate into more expensive ones…
  • Damage caused by the British weather – high winds, storms and heavy rain, along with snow and ice, can cause damage to your roof. Some damage is obvious but other problems can lurk unforeseen. Keeping your roof in good condition can prevent problems in the future – why not take advantage of our roof maintenance service?
  • Guttering – the accessories such as downpipes, gutters etc all play a vital role in channelling excess rainwater away from the property as quickly and efficiently as possible. Not repairing these can lead to problems.
  • Keeping your roof for as long as possible – roofs do not last forever and will show signs of deterioration in a number of ways. Repairing your roof along with regular visual inspections will ensure your roof last as long as possible.

The extent of any damage to your roof will dictate whether it is a minor or major repair – on inspecting the problem, we will discuss the options for repair with you in detail, providing you with a clear quote for the work that needs completing. With DMG skilled and qualified roofing team, your roof will be repaired quickly and efficiently.