Roof Windows (Velux, Ubink)

Roof Windows

Loft conversion across Scotland are increasingly common as more homeowners are choosing to extend and convert, rather than sell.

If you are thinking of extending into your loft, and using the space as a room – whether a bedroom or day room – then you need to pay careful consideration to roof or loft windows.

Choosing the right roof window

Different roofing materials will require a different style of window, as well as leadwork or other flashing so that forms a complete, waterproof seal. An ill-fitting window will lead to leaks, possible causing extensive damage in the roof itself.

Planning regulations in some parts of Scotland, also dictate the style of roof windows; some will need to ‘low profile’; in other words, the roof window needs to sit in the roof as opposed to on the outside, giving a more streamlined appearance. Conservation areas usually stipulate this style of window.

We provide a comprehensive roof window service:

  • Our sales and survey team will advise you on the right roof window for your budget and style of roof, giving you the best window that allows natural light to flood in to your newly converted loft or roof space
  • Our experienced roof window installation team will fit your window quickly and professionally, making sure the finish is neat and water tight.
  • Our installation service is competitively priced and available across Scotland.