Flat Roofs

Flat Roofing

DMG provides a Flat Roofing service to Scotland.

Flat roofing has, in the past, always had a poor reputation for being leaky, unreliable roofs with high maintenance costs.

Modern flat roofs are no longer like this! With the advent and use of new technology and materials, flat roofs across Scotland are becoming increasingly popular. Flat roofs are now cost effective roofing solutions, with many manufacturers of the various materials offering long guarantees providing the roof is installed correctly.

Flat Roofing Installation

DMG provides flat roofing installation services throughout Scotland. We can also maintain and repair all flat roofing structures:

Leaking – a leak in the top layer will obvious in the room below, although the stain on the ceiling will not correspond with the damage on the outside of the roof. With the various layers within the flat roof structure, the water will have a longer path to reach the ceiling and will travel throughout the layers.

Ponding – a common cause of leaks is ineffective drainage which can be attributed to a variety of factors. Poor maintenance along with poor installation can cause rainwater to gather and sit for long periods of time of the flat roof. Ponding in excess of 25mm will begin to cause significant damage.

Gravel – many early examples of flat roofing was covered in gravel as a protective outer layer. Discoloured gravel in one particular place or places can be an indication that there is water filtering through the outer layers, making its way through to the inside.

Wear and tear over time – flat roofs, like all shapes and roof structure, do not last forever although they will last longer if well maintained. Condensation from within the building can cause problems with the internal structure of the flat roof, which can also cause it to fail.

If you are looking to refurbish or build a new flat roof, look at the variety of materials and technologies that we can offer! DMG can provide flat roofing structures throughout Scotland including

  • Single membrane roof systems
  • Built up felt membranes
  • Green roofs
  • Liquid plastic system
  • Cromar Pro GRP system